Bakra Eid, it fills our mouth with water as our tongues starts craving for delicious meals and barbeques. It is such a pleasure to have Bakra Eid being celebrated yearly. The occasion testifies our relationship with Allah Almighty that He is the mighty who has supreme authority over the entire universe and we are indebted to execute His asked deeds.

We practice shariah Qurbani in remembrance of Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S.) and Hazrat Ismail (A.S.) who heartly fulfilled the order of Allah Almighty. Allah asked Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S.) in his dream to slaughter his son for the sake of Allah. He discussed his dream with his son Hazrat Ismail (A.S.) he delighted agreed to abandon his life as Allah (S.W.T) has asked his father to do so.

When Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S.) was about to slaughter Hazart Ismail (A.S.), he was replaced by a sheep it was brought by Hazrat Jibrail (A.S.) from Jannah. Then Allah said to Hazrat Ibrahim that He put him in this challenge to seek out his preference for his son over Allah. Hazrat Ibraim (A.S.) won over the challenge successful.  He proved himself as pious human being of Allah. He proves that none is superior to Allah.

So this great act of Qurbani was made compulsory ‘Fariza’ for Hajj.  Hajj isn’t completed without it. Those Muslims who aren’t performing Hajj are also asked to do Qurbani, it is ‘Farz’ upon Muslims who are wealthier and they are capable to slaughter healthy Halal animal with proper method as prescribed in the Quran and in accordance with the preaching’s of our dearly-loved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (S.A..W.).

Muslim can also perform Qurbani on behalf of their deceased grandparents, parents and spouse. It is the biggest celebration of Islamic calendar. Children especially enjoy the event. Qurbani meat is distributed among poor people and relatives. The rest meat belongs to us which we cook and can have heavenly tasty feast.  Islam is the religion of equality; we have to think about our poor Muslim brothers and sisters we have to make sure that they take pleasure in the event of Bakra Eid also. They come first before us because they don’t eat meat round the year to fulfill their right is our first priority.

I feel proud to be a Muslim. Islam is a wonderful religion where none remains unprivileged as Islam itself is the biggest bounty of Allah to His followers. 
Source by Pak Qurbani.


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