Muslims who perform Sunnat-e-Ibrahimi are fortunate people because they slaughter qurbani animal in order to please Allah Almighty and prove Him that He is the mighty over all of us. We perform the ritual of qurbani in the memory of our beloved Prophet Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S.) and Hazrat Ismail (A.S.)

They happily had done whatever they were asked to perform by Allah Almighty. Qurbani can be both performed by Muslim men and women. The deed of qurbani is ‘farz’ upon ‘baligh’ Muslim man and woman. If they can afford goat, cow, sheep, buffalo, camel or other qurbani animal they are most welcome to do Sunnat-e-Ibrahimi.

Women are always questioned about performing their deed of qurbani.  Yes, they can also fulfill the act of qurbani. The second question comes in our mind is that are they allowed to do revise the ritual of qurbani in halat-e-haidh(monthly bleeding from uterus) and halet-e-nafaas (bleeding after the birth of her baby)?

The question has been brought to light by several Muslim women because generally they aren’t allowed to offer namaz (Salat), they can’t fast in month of Ramadan, they can’t offer pilgrimage in Kaaba and also they aren’t allowed to recite or read Holy Quran but they can verbally read or recite it. Allah has bestowed His blessing upon His every creation verily it is the human who always do bad with his/her self. Allah (S.W.T) has also allowed women in halat-e-haiz or in halat-e-nafaas to slaughter their bought qurbani animal.

If a Muslim is capable enough then Allah would be pleased by him when he carries out qurbani on behalf of his zooja (wife) who is alive nurturing his kids, looking after his house and living with him under one roof.

Muslim Women are also allowed to act upon the ritual of qurbani normally. All Sharia-qurbani laws are applicable to them surely. Women can perform the qurbani on the behalf of their deceased grandparents, parents and spouses. It is also a fact that Muslim can also dedicate his qurbani to our most adored Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H).

Allah (S.W.T.) has provided us with Deen-e-Kamil. Every commandment and instruction scripted in Quran Shareef by Allah has logical basis, as we believe in His sovereignty we can’t deny any of His prescribed instruction to act upon.

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