Sacrifice performed at the occasion of Eid-ul-Adha, following in the footsteps of Hazrat Ibrahim who had set a praiseworthy example of his submission to the will of ALLAH, is given an elevated position in the eyes of ALLAH. In the process of Qurbani which is an animal sacrifice, there is a separate portion asked to be distributed among the destitute and poor souls dying with the pangs of hunger. ALLAH appreciates the one who does give away the meat to the ones who are stringently made the recipients of this HALAL qurbani.

On the other hand, Charity is another way of helping the underprivileged and poor mortal beings living in the hope to get a day’s meal to fill in their children’s unfed stomach. Such needy people can be helped even if you do not have the stipulated amount one has to have to perform qurbani from which a fraction of meat is set aside for the poverty stricken half dwelling in our society.

Consequently, both sacrifice and charity are more or less done to please ALLAH by serving his people with a pure and sincere intention at heart. Sacrifice is made obligatory therefore, people feel compelled to comfort poor people in order to free themselves of the burden that their sacrifice would have been incomplete if this share would not have reached to the ones deserving it. However, charity is done only when one feels inclined to the people in agony, who are seen struggling with their lives in the hope to breathe in the ray of light which could bring to them a day’s happiness which is food and clothing mainly.

Therefore, to me both ways can lead to the same satisfaction that one is in search of after helping another person but it all depends on the person’s purpose with which he does charity or performs qurbani.

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10/16/2013 8:12am

Prophet Mohammad had offered his son to ALLAH as tradition says.In entire world, is there not even a single muslim who can say that he is true follower of Mohammad and offering his beloved son to ALLAH?


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